Let's Talk Menopause

Branding, illustration, digital design & development for Let's Talk Menopause, a non-profit educating the public on all things menopause.
Until recently, talking about menopause in the U.S. was considered taboo. Let's Talk Menopause seeks to eliminate the stigma around these conversations  by educating and informing women on what to expect during “the change.” They came to us for a full branding and web design package.
We chose to illustrate representations of women, since every woman will experience menopause at some point.
Let's Talk Menopause has launched a public awareness poster campaign highlighting the 12 symptoms most women will experience on their path to menopause.
The trilingual poster—English, Spanish and Mandarin will be available for download on the Let’s Talk Menopause website.
Above are educational landing pages from the Let’s Talk Menopause website.
We created an interactive flashcard  feature that invites site visitors to flip images to learn more about individual symptoms.
Illustrations from the Menopause and the Workplace page.